Beurer JFT20 Baby Pacifier Thermometer
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Beurer JFT20 Baby Pacifier Thermometer

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Beurer BY 20 pacifier thermometer With a cute bear design

✅ ব্রান্ডঃ Beurer
✅ মডেলঃ Beurer BY 20 pacifier thermometer bear design
✅ দেশঃ Germany
✅ দামঃ 970 টাকা
✅ ওয়ারেন্টিঃ ৩ বৎসর


Safe to use with a friendly teddy shape

The pacifier does not use glass or mercury like old fashioned thermometers, keeping your child safe from potentially shattering the glass and leaking the poisonous mercury. It provides gentle measurement in the mouth and the dummy comes with a protective cap so you are able to use and take care of it accordingly. The baby thermometer can be disinfected for cleaning and is waterproof.

A normal temperature is for a baby or toddler is 36.4⁰C, but this can be different from child to child. If you’re baby’s temperature is about 37.5⁰C, it is considered as a high temperature; so you can keep your worries at bay.

If you want a spot-on reading, be sure to take your baby’s temperature at least 20 minutes after a bath or if they’ve been wrapped up tightly; it can affect the reading.

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